iTOi Partners with Brookstone to Unveil Patented Video Chat Booth & iPad App at CES

Groundbreaking iPad Accessory Transforms Video Chat Experience, Finally Making it as Natural as Being Face-to-Face

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If you use Skype or Facetime on your iPad, your tendency is to look at the screen and not the camera. As a result, you're never making eye contact with the person you’re chatting with. The new iTOi BOOTH fixes that problem, transforming the way people communicate. Two years in the making, the patented patent iTOi features a sophisticated optical lens system that ensures eye contact between users and makes video calling more personable. iTOi also improves sound quality, gets rid of excessive glare and provides a hands-free chatting experience.

“We believe iTOi is the missing link in video chat technology,” said co-creator Hernan Giraldo. “By removing the barriers traditionally associated with video chat, people feel more comfortable and confident. After years of research and development and more than a dozen prototypes, we’ve created an elegant and effective solution for both consumer and business use.”

National specialty retailer Brookstone agrees, which is why it is unveiling iTOi at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and bringing it to market later this year.

iTOi BOOTH works with any video chat software or application (i.e., Skype, Face Time or Google Hangout) that offers full-screen viewing on the iPad. In addition to the video chat booth, iTOi PRODUCER is an iPad application that turns the iTOi BOOTH into a personal teleprompter and mini-video production suite. With one click, users can either upload a pre-written script or create one on the fly and then import corresponding photos from their iPad, the Web or Facebook. Once the script and photos are synched up, users simply hit “record” to add narration and bring it all together. iTOi PRODUCER is perfect for creating fast, professional-quality videos to preserve family memories, develop video resumes and blogs, enhance e-commerce, and countless other personal and business applications. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

About Brookstone

Brookstone is an innovative product development company and multichannel lifestyle retailer. Brookstone operates more than 250 stores nationwide and in Puerto Rico. Located in shopping malls and airports, the stores feature unique and innovative consumer products. Brookstone also operates an e-commerce business that includes the Brookstone catalog and 


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