Building Trust in the Internet Age

“It was love at first text”, said nobody…ever.

Can you imagine building trust, friendship, or love over voice, text, or email? Neither do I. And it hit me why that is while reading The Like Switch. It’s co-authored by a retired FBI agent that specialized in counterintelligence. His job was to get to know suspected spies, gain their trust, and convince them to divulge their secrets. Pretty serious stuff. One of the key takeaways was the author’s “friendship formula” — a theory that posits people build trust through a combination of proximity, frequency, duration, and intensity.

So, how do you apply the “friendship formula” to build trust in business when people live behind a screen, hardly ever talk on the phone, and rarely meet face-to-face? The answer just may be video. It can bridge the gap between impersonal messaging and an actual face-to-face meeting. Video helps with proximity when proximity isn’t possible and adds a little bit of intensity to what may normally be sent in a boring email. More importantly, it gives people a chance to see you and get to know the person behind the email address or profile pic — ultimately building trust.

iTOi is designed to help anyone create high quality videos quickly and easily with an iPad. The iTOi platform not only gives you a teleprompter to help you speak clearly and concisely, but it also includes patented hardware that makes your video more personal and engaging. The camera sits directly behind the teleprompter display in the iTOi Studio, so you’re eyes are looking directly at the viewer and not down at a screen. This means you’re connecting better with your audience through eye contact.

Creating a finished video takes just minutes using iTOi so you can record something quickly and publish it or share it with a customer or prospect almost as easily as sending an email. So, next time you’re thinking about emailing a customer to thank them for their business or introduce a new product to a potential customer, consider a video instead. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get. If nothing else, they’ll see you eye-to-eye and that’s one more step closer to building trust with them.

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Tom Granese