Making healthcare personal isn’t brain surgery

You’ve heard the expression: it isn’t brain surgery. It’s pretty safe to say the expression exists because people imagine brain surgery to be extremely difficult — and it is! That’s why it takes many years of education and training. But, ask a brain surgeon to make marketing or training videos for their practice and they’ll probably tell you they have no idea how to begin. Why? Because videos are normally hard to make, cost a lot of money, and require special skills and equipment. But, with the right tools, it isn’t brain surgery.

That brings us to Dr. Brad McGowan, a surgeon with the Dallas Brain and Spine Institute and — wait for it — he makes his own videos! He does it using iTOi and an iPad and his videos are used to educate people about certain conditions and to provide post-op instructions to his patients after surgery. These videos come directly from the doctor himself and they’ve been very well received by his patients and those who find his videos on YouTube.

When patients come out of surgery, they typically aren’t feeling themselves, so they might not remember post-op instructions. Sending home a sheet of instructions is very typical but also very impersonal. Dr. McGowan adds a personal touch using iTOi video that help his patients feel comfortable while saving him valuable hours per week. That’s time he’d normally spend returning phone calls and emails and, more importantly, time he can use to help more patients.

That’s how iTOi is helping one neurosurgeon provide better, personalized care. You can learn more about iTOi by visiting our website at Thanks for reading this and please let us know what you think.

Check out this video testimonial from Dr. McGowan to learn about his experience with iTOi.