Reaching Gen C: educating the YouTube generation

As the father of two boys (an 8-year-old and a 9-year-old), I am surrounded by Minecraft and Youtube. Combining both activities is a favorite pastime of my boys. But, more than playing video games, they prefer watching narrated videos of other people playing them. It’s not just my kids, though, it’s all kids. It makes sense given YouTube’s claim that 1 billion hours of video is watched daily and it’s how gamer, PewDiePie (also known as Felix Kjellberg), created a following of over 56 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Along with watching video content, many young people also want to create their own. Google has labeled them “Gen C” — those who thrive on creation, curation, connection, and community. They go to YouTube for both entertainment and exploration. Whether their creating videos or just watching curated video lessons from others, most young people will welcome the introduction of video to the classroom and now is the perfect time to engage students in this way.

Teachers using flipped classroom and blended learning models already know the power of video. These learning models let students watch lessons at home on their computers so teachers spend less time lecturing and more time engaging kids in the classroom. While more teachers would love to create high quality video lessons, today’s complicated video software tools make that very difficult. Most teachers simply don’t have time to learn video production software, set up video cameras, and publish everything.

iTOi is a video creation platform that lets teachers and students create great looking videos in just minutes with only an iPad. The service lets teachers spend more time on the content for their video lessons, and less time learning how to shoot and edit video. Students are happy to use iTOi, too. They can create their own video content including morning announcements, video book reports, and video presentations.

The possibilities for video education are endless and the time to get started is now. Visit to learn more about iTOi and how it empowers teachers to deliver on flipped classroom and blended learning in order to enrich the learning experience for their students.

by Gabriel Davidov, CTO at iTOi

Tom Granese