Flip the switch: the importance of video lighting

by Bronson Skinner, Business Development at iTOi


Lights! Camera! Action! These three words conjure images of a mustachioed man with a beret and a bullhorn on a big movie set. It’s no mistake that “lights” comes first in this trio because movie directors know that lighting is the key to producing the perfect shot. It is said that the great Akira Kurosawa would sometimes have huge casts wait for hours to capture just the right lighting when filming outdoors. When shooting video inside, studios use lighting that enhances the way people and the set appear on camera. Most videos you see done by amateurs often look even more amateurish because of poor lighting. If you’ve ever experienced video chats with people in the in a dark room, you’ve seen this firsthand.

If you’re looking to improve your videos, think about lighting first. But, it’s not just about being bright. Lighting has to come from the right angle to prevent shadows and include the right color temperature for things to look natural. Color temperature is based on the Kelvin scale and ranges from warm reds and yellows to cool blues and whites. This scale is used to identify the color of LED bulbs today and can dramatically affect the way skin looks on camera. So, finding a light that gets bright enough and has the correct color temperature is important for your video shoots. Having one that adjusts in temperature can allow you to tweak things based on your ambient conditions and skin tone.

iTOi kept lighting in mind when creating the iTOi Studio. It’s a mini video production studio for iPad lets anyone shoot their own scripted headshot videos that comes with a light that mounts to the top of the booth. The iTOi Studio light contains controls for brightness and, more importantly, color temperature with ranges from 3200K — 5600K. The video you see above has a great example of the impact that lighting has on the way a video looks. It’s a testament to how just the right lighting can change the quality of a video in a profound way.

For more information on how you can start making your own videos (with proper lighting!)i, check out seeitoi.com. As always, thanks for reading this post and please let us know what you think.

Tom Granese