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How do I assemble my iTOi Studio Booth completely?
Your iTOi video booth contains five parts: the booth, an LED light, a battery for the light, microphone, and iPad bumpers which are already inside the booth. First secure the LED light on top of the booth. Next, place you iPad into the booth. Make sure your iPad fits securely between the bumpers, and that your iPad lens matches up with the iTOi lens port. From here, weave the microphone plug through the port on the back of the Booth, and insert into the top of the iPad. Then close your booth, turn on your light, and get ready to either record your video – or – video chat. When you finish your project, the iTOi Video Booth is easily stored on your desk, or wherever you prefer.
Why isn't my microphone working?
Please ensure the IPad you are using is set to allow our iTOi App to access the Microphone. This can be verified under the IPad Settings -> iTOi: Producer -> “Allow iTOi Producer to Access” -> ENABLED.

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In the iTOi app, what is the difference between color shadings for projects in "My Library"?
Projects represented in DARK BLUE have been completed. Projects represented in WHITE shading are incomplete and do not have a video recording completed.

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How can my projects be managed through the iTOi user portal?
iTOi users have the ability to manage their script and images associated with a project through the user portal under the page titled “projects”. This feature allows users an alternative method for submitting content.


Can I install the iTOi app on multiple iPads?
Yes, the user can install the app in multiple iPads, however the iTOi software is one license per user. We recommend following up with our Sales Team for additional Licenses.

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