How do I assemble my iTOi Studio Booth completely?

Your iTOi video booth contains five parts: the booth, an LED light, a battery for the light, microphone, and iPad bumpers which are already inside the booth. First secure the LED light on top of the booth. Next, place your iPad into the booth. Make sure your iPad fits securely between the bumpers, and that your iPad lens matches up with the iTOi lens port. From here, weave the microphone plug through the port on the back of the Booth, and insert into the top of the iPad. Then close your booth, turn on your light, and get ready to either record your video – or – video chat. When you finish your project, the iTOi Video Booth is easily stored on your desk, or wherever you prefer.

Why isn't my microphone working?

Please ensure the IPad you are using is set to allow our iTOi App to access the Microphone. This can be verified under the IPad Settings -> iTOi: Producer -> “Allow iTOi Producer to Access” -> ENABLED.

What iPads are compatible?

The Studio works with any 9.7" iPad that can run iOS 10 or higher and has a front-facing camera. 


How do I set a thumbnail for my project?

The Director app will automatically select a thumbnail for your video. Once you set your thumbnail, you can change the thumbnail for a completed project in the app by selecting the camera icon in the project to reselect a thumbnail.

How do I edit the font size/scroll speed within a project?

The font size and scroll speed can be editing in the iTOi Director (iPad app) in the Images tab of a video project. There are two sliders at the bottom of the images tab where you can adjust the font size and scroll speed to a comfortable setting.

Is there additional help in the iTOi Director (iPad App)?

Yes, each screen of the iTOi Director includes a question mark in the top right corner to display a guide for every screen. Each guide will show the key functions available on each screen. Contact support@seeitoi.com if you need any additional support.

Can I trim the beginning or end of my video?

Yes, you can use the yellow trimmer bars on the left and right during the editing image insertion process. Move the front trimmer in or the end trimmed in to trim your video as desired.

Can I rerecord sections of my video?

At this time, you cannot rerecord sections of your video. We suggest recording a longer video in multiple shorter videos and stitching them together with another editing program. We are working to enable this in our app, but recommend this workaround until then.

How can I change my video thumbnail?

Once you set your thumbnail, you can change the thumbnail for a completed project in the app by selecting the director's clapboard icon to reselect a thumbnail.

In the iTOi app, what is the difference between color shadings for projects in "My Library"?

Projects represented in DARK BLUE have been completed. Projects represented in WHITE shading are incomplete and do not have a video recording completed.



What type of resolution should I use for my images?

For best results, we recommend 1280 x 720 resolution for your images as the final video will be 720p. You can use lower resolution images, but they may not look as good in the final video.

Do I have to use a script for my video?

You do not have to use a script for your video recording. You can use no script and adlib the recording. Keep in mind you will need to manually stop the recording if not using a script. We recommend you finish your spoken presentation, pause (remember to smile) for a few seconds and then press the STOP button. This will give you a few seconds at the end and you can trim off the recording before you reached to stop the video.

How to add Powerpoint slides to your video project?

Powerpoint slides can be saved as JPEG images and then added to your project like any other JPEG image. In Powerpoint, select Save As for your presentation. Then select the drop down arrow in File Type to change the file type from PPT to JPEG. Complete your Save As after selecting file type JPEG and your slides will be saved as JPEG files into a folder. Add these JPEG files into your project to complete adding Powerpoint slides into your iTOi project.

What type of image files are supported?

JPEG or PNG image files are supported for adding to your video project. For best results, we recommend images with at least a 1280 x 720 resolution.

How to add images to your video?

Add images to your project by uploading image files in the iTOi Producer (Web Portal) or adding them to a project in the iTOi Director (iPad App). In the iTOi Producer, edit your project by clicking the Pencil icon under the project. In the Edit Recording page, select Save & Manage Media to go to the Recording Media page. In the Recording Media page, select Add Files to add images from your computer or device. Hold CTRL while selecting images to select multiple images at one time. After opening the images, select Upload All to upload your images into your video project. Refresh your web browser to see the images in the Palette Images section. In the iTOi Director, you can add images to a project by tapping the + button in the Images tab. You can then add images from the iPad Image Gallery or a Dropbox account. You can also take an image with the iPad to include in the video project.

What type of music files are supported?

MP3 or WAV music files are supported for background music.

How do you add background music to a video?

Add background music to your project by uploading an mp3 music file in the iTOi Producer (Web Portal). Edit your project by clicking the Pencil icon under the project and click Choose File to upload a music file from your computer or device. The background music file is now added to your project and can be enabled in the app when completing your video.

What type of video clip files are supported?

MP4 or MOV video clip formats are supported to add to your video project. For best results, we recommend video clips with at least a 1280 x 720 format.

How do you add video clips to a video?

Add video clips to your project by uploading a video clip in the iTOi Producer (Web Portal). Edit your project and go to Save and Manage Media. There you can Add File and add a video file to upload an mp4 or mov video file. Video files need to be below 100MB and no longer than 1 minute.

How can my projects be managed through the iTOi user portal?

iTOi users have the ability to manage their script and images associated with a project through the user portal under the page titled “projects”. This feature allows users an alternative method for submitting content.



Does it matter what type of iPad I am using?

Yes, the iTOi Service works with 9.7" iPads running on iOS 10. This includes the iPad Air, Air2, 9.7" Pro, and new Flat Out Fun models. The iTOi app is not yet available for the iPad Mini, 12" Pro, or iPhone.

How do I share my completed projects?

Share your completed projects by clicking on the Share icon in the portal or the app. Then select your preferred distribution method. You can also download your video to your computer or device as an MP4 file to upload or share any way you would like.

Can I install the iTOi app on multiple iPads?

Yes, the user can install the app in multiple iPads, however the iTOi software is one license per user. We recommend following up with our Sales Team for additional Licenses.