A complete hardware and software solution to easily and quickly create high-quality videos without needing a camera, crew, or video editing skills.



The iTOi Studio works with your iPad (9.7" only) to create a modern production studio that fits comfortably on your desktop.

Using your iPad, Studio allows you to easily record video of yourself looking directly into the camera while reading from a teleprompter for a professional video with a personal touch. You'll naturally build trust with your audience through eye contact. It's the next best thing to being face-to-face.


  • Patented iTOi studio booth
  • Adjustable studio light with color temperature control
  • Microphone with clip
  • Rechargeable light battery with wall charger


The Director app for iPad lets you read your own script from a teleprompter while you maintain eye contact using the iTOi Studio. You can add images to your video after you record and place them where you want them.


  • Sound professional with a custom tailored script.
  • Add your own pictures to your videos.
  • Keep your face on screen with the picture-in-picture option.
  • Add a pan effect to your inserted images
  • Edit your video timeline and cuts
  • Customize video branding
  • Easily save, publish, and share


A web portal for our iTOi videos lets you create, manage, and share videos from a web browser. Add scripts and prepare for recording with the iTOi Director app and the iTOi Studio


  • Unlimited storage for your projects (with valid license)
  • Manage and publish your videos
  • Add videos and images to your projects
  • Upload background music
  • View your video sharing statistics