iTOi helps you use video to build trust with your real estate clients by creating personalized videos and video listings in just minutes.


iTOi + iPad = Video Studio


iTOi is a mini production studio that let's you create a script, record a video, and post it quickly with an iPad. No pricey equipment or editing software necessary.



Studio works with your iPad to create a modern production studio that fits comfortably on your desktop.

Using your iPad, Studio allows you to easily record video of yourself looking directly into the camera while reading from a teleprompter for a professional video with a personal touch. You'll naturally build trust with your audience through eye contact. It's the next best thing to being face-to-face.


  • Patented iTOi studio booth
  • Adjustable studio light with color temperature control
  • Microphone with clip
  • Rechargeable light battery with wall charger


The Director app for iPad lets you read your own script from a teleprompter while you maintain eye contact using the iTOi Studio. You can add images to your video after you record and place them where you want them.


  • Sound professional with a custom tailored script.
  • Add your own pictures to your videos.
  • Keep your face on screen with the picture-in-picture option.
  • Add a pan effect to your inserted images
  • Edit your video timeline and cuts
  • Customize video branding
  • Easily save, publish, and share


A web portal for our iTOi videos lets you create, manage, and share videos from a web browser. Add scripts and prepare for recording with the iTOi Director app and the iTOi Studio


  • Unlimited storage for your projects (with valid license)
  • Manage and publish your videos
  • Add videos and images to your projects
  • Upload background music
  • View your video sharing statistics
The iTOi Human Trust Scale

The iTOi Difference

iTOi's Founder, Hernan Giraldo, grew up in Colombia. While unable to leave the United States due to his immigration status, his grandmother fell ill, so he was forced to reach out to her using video chat. While video technology had made it possible for Hernan to see his beloved grandmother across continents, it still didn't leave him feeling any closer to her. He concluded that a lack of eye contact was to blame so he set out to fix it. Years of development and several patents later, iTOi was born. It's the next best thing to being face-to-face.